Are You Struggling to Make Time for Writing?

About a week ago, I came across a brief snippet of writing from a client who shows up to my Get Your Writing Done classes when she can find the time for writing.

book coach Lisa Tener

The playful description of herself inspired me, so I sent it to her. She followed up with a thank you and apology for her inconsistency. I’m hoping the reminder, in her own voice, of who she is as a writer and why she’s writing a book will help re-energize her commitment to the book. It certainly inspired me!

As I worked on an email response, I thought about my own struggles, from time to time, with making time for writing. Now I’m fairly consistent. But for most of my life my writing life waxed and waned. So what else could I offer to help her recommit?

As I sat with that, this weekend provided some straightforward answers.

What Happens When You Keep Making Time for Writing (and Revising)

This weekend, I just finished editing the twenty-something draft of my next book, and I experienced a kind of awe. Wow! Did I write that? I guess all those revisions have paid off. My own writing inspires me. And, believe me, I have not always felt that way!

Dancer by Anne Mimi Sammis
The view from our writing retreat this weekend: a sculpture by Anne Mimi Sammis through a rainy window.

I share this to remind you that hard work pays off when you write, refine, revise, get feedback and refine again. The feedback, especially, helps you fine-tune your writing until it sparkles like a beautifully polished gemstone.

So, my first bit of advice: stick to it. Even if you’re not thrilled with what you have right now, it will get better and better and better until you can’t believe you wrote something so wise, juicy, brave or even brilliant.

It’s easy to get caught up in a momentary dip in confidence or inspiration and it’s important to trust that dips lead to peaks. Just keep at it. Imagine one of those sine curves from high school math and you can see that right after the dip comes the ascent.

How to Get Back in the Game & Recommit to Writing Goals

writing retreat view
The scene of our retreat! Photo courtesy of Renee Baribeau

I’ve blogged recently about how to get back in the game if you’ve gotten off course. After leading a writing retreat for seven doctors and a shaman this weekend, I continued to provide advice on reconnecting with your vision, your writing dream, and how to overcome the most common writing challenges.

Shaman Renee Baribeau
The Practical Shaman and Hay House author Renee Baribeau connecting with her inner muse during our writing retreat!

These healthcare providers, as you can imagine, needed a recharge, to connect with colleagues in a non-work way, and support to either recommit to their writing goals or find ways to keep the writing commitment sacred. And, of course, to connect to their creative MUSES!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you are not meeting your writing goals:

  1. If you’re not meeting your writing goals, ask yourself, “What’s working and what’s not?” Commit to more of what’s working and problem-solve for what didn’t work.
  2. Consider going to bed an hour earlier and getting up an hour earlier to write.
  3. Are you scheduling your writing times and keeping them sacred?
  4. Are you reading your vision statement for your project daily?
  5. Is there too much on your plate? What can you delegate?
  6. Are you coming to the writing uninspired or burned out? Consider walking in nature before writing (a separate activity, not to be “taken out” of writing time. Or do a little qigong to ground. Or dance. Or whatever makes you happy.)

If you are struggling in any way to complete your writing projects, what do you need to recommit to your writing?


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