Are Overseas REITs worth the risk? Mostly no.

The REIT market in Singapore has matured and there are many options for investors. Despite being based in Singapore, investors can invest in overseas properties via REITs. However, my observation is that overseas REITs tend to underperform. To verify this observation, I conducted research, and in this post, I will be sharing my findings with you. For those who prefer a video format, I’ve summarised my findings here:

Defining overseas REITs

Differentiating between Singapore REITs and overseas REITs can be challenging when they have properties in both locations. To address this, for the purposes of this comparison, I will define a Singapore REIT as having more than 50% of its properties located in Singapore. Conversely, an overseas REIT will be defined as having less than 50% of its properties located in Singapore. It’s important to consider both capital gains and dividend gains. Since most REITs…


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