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April 16—Apologies for something
April 17—Incorporate wine or spirits somehow…
April 18—Incorporate a ghost or spirits somehow…
April 18  –  Ghosts in Vietnam  Writing com
April 19—A fragrance
April 20—A fabric…or sewing, knitting, fiber arts…

April 16—Apologies for something

I will never back d
I will never apologize
For daring to fall in love
With you

Ever since I met you
I have been enslaved
To your love
And for that,
I will never

Enjoying red wine at Sunset









At the end of the day
I pour a glass of red wine
Just enjoying the moment
With the love of my life
As the sun sets over the West sea

The Wayra appears to be the South American version of the Haiku with five unrhymed lines, containing 5, 7, 7, 6, and 8 syllables, respectively, as described and demonstrated in the following links:


The Wayra (Quechua – wind ) is a popular verse form of Peru and Bolivia. It appears it originated in an indigenous Quechua language but has found its way into Spanish literature. It is a short syllabic verse form found at Vole Central and some other sites around the internet.

The elements of the Wayra are:

a pentastich, a poem in 5 lines.
syllabic, 5-7-7-6-8

No Surrender by Judi Van Gorder

The dark dugout cuts
through still waters of the dense
Everglades. Undefeated
the sovereign Seminole
survive. Warriors in the wind.

Note: The Seminole Indians of Florida are the only indigenous tribe within the borders of the US to never surrender to the US army. The indigenous Seminole word for wind is also warm.

Flying South – The Wayra

Double Wayra

The hot oil sizzles
veggies hurled against their will
spluttering in peeved protest
they hold on to crisp snap
teeth bite into the crunchiness

2. Shadows
Shadows dimmed by grunge
slink past mental palisade
tiptoeing without scruples
through customary cracks
ensnared by cobwebs in my chest
Written for diverse.

April 18—Incorporate a ghost or

spirits somehow…

Ghosts in Vietnam

Back in 1994,
I first visited Vietnam
I came back in 2019
prior to the COVID lockdowns.

I was a few years too young
To have gone to Vietnam
During the war.

But having gr up
In Berkeley, I knew a lot
About the war.

When I came back in 2019
We stayed near the Pham Ngu Lao
Backpackers district,
filled with foreigners.

Many of them were elderly men
Returning to Vietnam.
Revisiting the country
Where they had fought
The war was so long ago.

I could not shake the feeling
there were ghosts of the dead
Still roaming around the country.

We went on a tour of the Chu Chi tunnels
The Viet Kong
used throughout the war.

The US-led coalition was never able
To completely shut d the tunnels
Or even locate many of them.

The tunnels have been restored
Part of the war tourism industry
That has emerged in Vietnam

Vietnam is both proud that
they defeated the US
But has also become friendly

I and my wife entered the tunnel
I had to crawl through the tunnels
And began to panic

Imagining that the tunnels
Were filled with the enemy
That was ready to kill me

I saw the ghosts
of both the Viet Kong
And the hapless US
soldiers fighting them

I felt that I had
gone back in time
Was there

I got out
fleeing the ghosts
Who was laughing at me.

When I got back
While having dinner
In the backpacker’s district

I look up and saw
An old American
dressed in full battle gear

Having a beer
across the street
I went back to my dinner

Looked up
a few minutes later
The man was gone

And I felt I had seen
Yet another ghost
In Vietnam.

April 19—A fragrance

Korean Food
Korean Food







The Fragrance of Korean K Food

I love Korean food
K food

I love the taste
I love the fragrance
I love the smells

I love the texture
I love the feel
I love how it looks

Fell in love with it
And all things Korean

Back in 1979
When I first went there
In the U.S. Peace Corps

Korean food is somewhat like
Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai
With some American influences as well

But it is all done in a unique Korean style

Everything is cooked with special spices
A mixture of chili paste, garlic, fish sauce,
Onions, scallions, soy sauce,
salt, Tofu, Panjang sauce, and soju (liquor).

Often cooked with beef, chicken, clams, eggs, fish,
kimchi, intestines meat, mushrooms, mussels,
oysters and/or pork,

Every meal consists of rice, kimchi
(pickled vegetables usually cabbage)
The main entry is either beef, chicken, fish, or pork,
And multiple vegetable side dishes
Including western style salad

The entire meal
a feast for the eyes
Nose and mouth

With a delicious unique
aroma, fragrance,
Taste and texture
Uniquely Korean.

All washed d
with Korean beer, liquor (soju) or
or rice wine or Western wine

my favorites include

Bulgogi chongsik (with all the side dishes) 불고기 총식
Kalbi chongsik (with all the side dishes) 칼비 총식
Calamari 오징어
Fried Chicken 닭 튀김
Chuncheon Chicken ribs 춘천 닭갈비
Dumplings 만두
Fried rice 볶음밥
Korean curry rice 카레라이스
Kimpop rice wrapped in seaweed 김팝
Korean soups 한국 수프
My favorite army stew 군대 스튜
Kalbitang (Beef rib soup) 칼비탕
Beef Turnip soup 쇠고기 순무 스프
Ginseng Chicken soup 인삼 치킨 수프
Kimchi stew 김치찌개
Tanjung stew 짱짱찌개
Bibimbap Mixed vegetables and rice with an egg on top비빔밥
Kalkooksu noodles 칼국수
Ramyeon 라면
Mushroom stew 버섯 스튜
Soondaeboo tofu stew 순대부두부찌개
Sashimi 생선회
Sushi 돈까스
Fried mackerel 고등어 튀김
Octopus 낫지
Omrice korean omelet 오므라이스
Porridge 문어
Shrimp 새우

The Fabric of My Life Life
The Fabric of My Life April 2023 Poems
The fabric of My Life Dew Drop In
The fabric of My Life Writing com

April 20—A fabric…or sewing, knitting, fiber arts…

I often thought
That it would
be difficult
to fully express
the fabric that
is my life
so many diverse strands
to weave
to tell my story


The End

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