America Now Literally Punishes You for Doing Good

by Chris Black

I don’t know about you, but I really think they broke the simulation in 2020.

What even is this, seriously?

Is this because white people don’t seasonthey” credit scores?

If there’s now a financial incentive to have a lower credit score then people will just miss a payment or two to intentionally f*ck theirs up.

At this point America is like some sort of grand cosmic joke.

Why is this happening, you asked?

Blackrock and other Wall Street giants invested in real estate to avoid inflation the last couple years.

Now they need a buyer to cash out.

Biden administration changes the rules so it is easier to unload that on exactly those people who are financially illiterate.

Here’s the deal, to quote Uncle Dementia: they are going to print money to bribe the banks to enter into these bad contracts.

This is extremely important for every American to understand: they have painted themselves into a corner, and now their go-to strategy, and the only real strategy they have left (pretty much) is to PRINT MONEY. 

They are going to print the currency into total hyperinflation.

This is bad news, but it also gives you the ability to make some predictions.

 Hard times are coming, but knowing this in advance is kind of like knowing what the coming lottery numbers are going to be. 

Well, maybe not that good, but you have an advantage over others if you can see this.

Everything the government does, from now until America crashes into disaster, is going to be, one way or another, based on printing money.

 They are locked into it now.


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