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For the second year in a row, Alex Perry of Allie Beth Allman & Associates has been named the No. 1 luxury real estate agent in Dallas-Fort Worth and all of Texas. 
The recognition comes from RealTrends, featured in The Wall Street Journal, which this month announced The Thousand rankings for 2023. The Thousand names the top real estate sales professionals in the country each year. 
Perry, a top producer at Allie Beth Allman & Associates, sold more than $300 million in 2022. He says he has kept the momentum going in his business growth by focusing on knowing the market inside and out. 
And that has required him to build strong relationships with real estate agents and other key market players across the region, from appraisers to insurers to builders.
“So much happens off-market, and your ability to know what’s going on even if you’re not part of the deal, your ability to pass that knowledge on to the client, has never been more important,” he explains.
Such networking allows him to know what’s coming to the market before the general public, so his buyer clients have an opportunity to make an offer on a home without competing bids. For his seller clients, he networks with other agents to get an idea of the price of off-market sales – so he knows how to price a listing not only for maximum offers but also for minimum days on the market.
Educating sellers and buyers about appropriate pricing, especially after the pandemic-fueled rally of the past few years, has been one of his biggest challenges.
“There’s a lot more psychology that goes into the deal right now,” he says. “There are so many more factors. It’s emotion, it’s the headlines and it’s how they apply to our market. You have to process all that information and advise clients with a broader scope.”
For instance, buyers are beginning to understand that a home might be listed 40 percent higher than it was two years ago and still can be a deal. On the other hand, sellers are learning there is a stopping point in terms of price for buyers, who are willing to wait for better options even though inventory is tight.
“It is absolutely amazing what Alex Perry has accomplished,” says Allie Beth Allman & Associates President Keith Conlon. “His deep knowledge of the real estate market, dedication and hard work have earned him respect in our company and in the entire brokerage community.”
Given that demand for homes continues to grow, Perry says he expects 2023 will be another solid year for real estate in D-FW.
Candy Evans, founder and publisher of, is one of the nation’s leading real estate reporters.
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