2023 Residential Real Estate Award winners

The San Antonio residential real estate market is one of the most compelling business stories of the last several years.

A massive population boom and low supply led to the Alamo City being one of the hottest home buying markets in the nation.

New agents poured into the business, some more committed than others, and sellers found that just putting a “For Sale” sign in the yard brought dozens of offers — several in cash.

With soaring inflation came increased interest rates to counter them, and though the market cooled in 2022, veteran agents and teams found more ways to land deals.

We’re proud to honor them again this year.

Along with honoring the top-performing agents and teams, this issue took a look at what’s to come.

Residential Real Estate Reporter Ramzi Abou Ghalioum talked to several agents about what it takes to stay afloat in a rough market and found that, sometimes, the old ways are the best.

Read about each winner and see the rankings revealed:

Individual Agent

Luxury Agent

Farm & Ranch Agent

Teams (2-4 members)

Teams (5-9 members)

Teams (10-49 members)

Teams (50-99 members)

Teams (100 members and up)


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