Writing Organically

“Organic” is a big buzzword in the food industry. It means free of pesticides, synthetic chemicals and fertilizers, injected hormones, antibiotics, and other elements that, if misused, may be harmful to human health. In addition, organic foods do not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), nor may animals raised organically be cloned. 

Surprisingly, the term organic relates to the Christian writing and publishing industry as well. As faithful Christ-Followers, we aim to keep our writing free of anything that would be harmful to the spiritual and moral health of our readers. 

With that in mind, we can apply the term organic beautifully to the writing of fictional stories. How are stories organic?

1. Whereas organic crops must be grown with fertilizers free of pesticides, so must our stories be written with a pure heart, free of harmful attitudes, thoughts, and intents and without spiritual compromise.

2. Whereas organic crops cannot be genetically engineered or irradiated with harmful substances, thereby altering their God-given DNA, so must our stories remain true to the Word of God, in no way altering or infiltrating its truth with false teachings. 

3. Whereas organically-fed animals must eat only organically-grown feed that is not treated with synthetic hormones or antibiotics, so must we as writers feed only on the Word of God as our sustenance and not allow vain worldly philosophies to influence our minds and hearts and, thereby, our writing.

4. Whereas organically raised animals cannot be cloned, we writers who follow Christ must not allow ourselves to become clones of the world. 

5. Whereas organically raised animals must have free access to pastures and the outdoors, so must we writers graze freely in the Lord’s green pastures to feed generously on the Bread of Life. 

In the organic food industry, a seal is placed on the food item to indicate that it upholds government requirements and standards for organic food. This seal is the United States Department of Agriculture Organic Seal, aka the USDA seal. It indicates that the food product labeled organic meets the specific standards of an organic food item.

As Christ-Followers, we bear the seal of the Holy Spirit. This seal indicates that the stories we create meet the standards of God’s Holy Word, reflecting His truth and His love in every word.


MaryAnn Diorio writes women’s fiction from a quaint Victorian town in southern New Jersey where the neighbors still stop to chat while walking their dogs, the houses still sport wide, wrap-around porches, and the charming downtown still finds kids licking lollipops and old married couples holding hands.

A Jersey girl at heart, MaryAnn is a big fan of Jersey diners, Jersey tomatoes, and the Jersey shore. You can learn more about her at maryanndiorio.com.

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