Trouble in the kingdom

Just because I do, what I want to do,
it doesn’t mean—I’m always competent
in everything I do.

If you want to be with me,
you have to decide now,
if your confidence in me is true?

I want somebody to love,
but I won’t pretend to be—
who you’ve imagined, I am to be,
for you not to leave me.

If you can’t handle the truth,
I won’t tell you the same lies,
like all those royal jesters did,
that came before me.

Don’t reproach me for being firm,
because I won’t tolerate it anymore,
but if you think you can do better than me,
you already know what to do.

You can get back into rotation
at the end of the duke’s line—
because in my castle I have rules,
and someone must fill the queen’s role.

I’m not a knight in shiny armor,
I’m just an honest man,
who has self-worth too,
and I don’t want you to ever again—
give me doubt, of why I chose you.

By: ElRoyPoet © 2023

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Top 4 viewer comments:

  1. “Males are hard wired with a higher capacity for love: physical (flesh), emotional (compassionate) and spiritual (faith). Female love is physical (flesh) and emotional (patriotism) only. Men who are separated from a spouse (when she’s obliged to leave) are several times more lightly to break down emotionally versus women. The reason for this is because a husband is supposed to be invested in his wife and kids, to insure his generations will continue. Women on the other hand must be resilient, because the show must go on, with her leading man if possible, but if not, with his understudy and so on.”
  2. “I was in a beautiful relationship. I shared with her, some of my insecurities as the relationship grew deeper, however that eroded her interest in me over time. She had been an amazing partner and friend up to that day? After that turn of events, I sat down with my mom and explained to her what had happened to us, she immediately told me: ‘that I had made a huge mistake, and that I should now be mature enough to know, that you never share your insecurities or weaknesses with a girl, no matter how much love you believe exists in the relationship, she’ll lose interest, if she’s a good girl; or use it against you, if she’s a bad one’. Advice from a woman that had decades of successful marriage with my dad. Ignore all those female dating coaches that tell you to be emotionally open, share your pain, etc. I found out the hard way, that a man is absolutely never supposed to show vulnerability in front of women, because they just don’t understand!”
  3. “She is challenging him, that’s disrespectful to him. Why should anyone be entitled to challenge anyone, if not to shame or disregard their opinion, values and ideas. If he allows her to challenge him, she wouldn’t care about, what he has to say and wouldn’t even try to understand why he thinks that way. Because he will say whatever she wants to hear and will become submissive. She will be the one leading the conversation and ultimately the relationship to its end, when she looses interest in him.”
  4. “In the battle of the sexes there are winners and losers and if you can’t command respect from the onset, you don’t stand a fighting chance. Even though modern women feign that they want their prospective mate to only bring polite manners to the table, at the end of the day, all that hype goes out the window, when they fall for the smooth talker who can wield power over them, via looks, notoriety, money or dominion. That’s why it’s so important, that young women are taught by their parents, to not yield to their biological cravings, otherwise they will end up alone, bitter and cynical—if they allow themselves to be disrespected by modern barbarians who are only interested in toying with their emotions and then tossing them out to the proverbial ‘trash heap of losers’”.

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Commentary: The hardest lesson every young adult has to learn is that they are not the main character in everybody’s story. You are the protagonist of your own story, and all things considered, you were the main character in your enabling parent’s story, but now that you’ve grown up, you’re not. So no matter how much you want to be the main character in somebody’s story, your only fooling yourself, because until you are in a legitimate, committed family relationship, your wishful thinking doesn’t really matter to anybody.

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