This Second Circuit Ruling Is A Nice Bow On The Amy Cooper Case

Amy Cooper Central Park

(Image via YouTube / Christian Cooper)

It is generally frowned upon to publicly rejoice in someone’s losses. You know what else is crappy? Calling the police on a guy who went outside to see some pretty birds, choking a dog, and then having the nerve to play victim. Franklin Templeton must have thought as much — they swiftly let Amy Cooper go after seeing her likeness plastered all over social media. Instead of taking the time to reflect on her behavior, Cooper responded by trying to take her former employer to court for letting her go. And she did. Multiple times. And was sent home each one. The most recent time the door came from the Second Circuit. From Law360:

A three-judge panel affirmed a Manhattan federal judge’s dismissal of Amy Cooper’s lawsuit last year, agreeing with the lower court that she failed “to allege facts giving rise to even a minimal inference of discriminatory motivation with respect to her termination.” The appeals panel said the district court was also right in its conclusion that Cooper’s defamation claims fell short.

First, the Supreme Court didn’t put the final nail in the Voting Rights Act with Allen v. Milligan and now this? Did we do a parallel universe jump? Quick, what year is it? Is it Berenstain or Berenstein? As we gain our bearings, let’s also appreciate the good that has come of this. Remember the birder, Christian Cooper? He got a deal with National Geographic to do a show dedicated to birding and episodes are still rolling out:

Maybe take a breather and watch a couple of episodes? I’m sure you’ve earned it.

Woman Fired For Calling Cops On Black Birder Loses Appeal [Law360]

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