The Sneaky “HR Lead Gen” Secret for REALTORS


Human resource directors, why should you care about them?

Well, if you’re seeking a new lead generation strategy, consider focusing on HR directors.

Here’s why:

In most markets, companies with over 25 employees have an HR person responsible for hiring, evaluations, and more. Part of their job involves recruiting, primarily focusing on the company’s benefits.

But what if you could assist them in selling not only the company’s benefits but also the benefits of living in the area?

Here’s how you can approach HR directors:

Start by obtaining a list from the Chamber of Commerce and target larger businesses in your market. Introduce yourself as [Your Name] from ABC Real Estate, a relocation specialist.

Let them know you understand their role in human resources and offer your assistance as a REALTOR in promoting the market area. Emphasize that your services are free to the company, and you only earn a commission if an employee buys or rents a property through you.

To kickstart the relationship, provide several relocation kits as a starter package. You can deliver them in person or send them electronically for convenience.

Now, it’s time to start and nurture the relationship:

Treat these HR directors as you would any other valuable contact.

If you can secure a couple of HR directors in your market area who consistently send you business, you have a valuable and ongoing relationship. They may provide you with multiple referrals throughout your career.

Building these relationships is one of the most powerful actions you can take. Being the best salesperson means being a master at creating connections, and this is one key relationship you should prioritize.

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