The Little Princess.

Sorry to bring the standard down but I wrote this for my grandchildren and it makes me laugh. 


He had a rather disagreeable bump

On his nose

And curly, wurly 

Turned up toes


His hair was quite lank

And my …

How his steamy breath stank!


It’s quite possible 

He’d eaten a skunk

And god only knows

What he’d drunk!


He wobbled a bit

When he walked

And dribbled a lot

When he talked


His name

Was Horace bum breath

But he liked to be called

The Little Princess!


He’d visit at night

When the light

Wasn’t bright 

And he would always give me

A terrible fright!


He drizzled with snot

Right into my cot

And he farted …

A lot!  


By morning

He’d gone

I just wish I could say

The same thing …

For his pong!









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