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Wilmington, DE – Vincent M. White, CEO/Founder of The African American Health Alliance and a resident of Wilmington, Delaware, is walking from Wilmington to Dover to raise awareness and support for the need for more affordable housing in our state.
Starting with a press conference at 9 AM on May 16, 2023, White will depart from New Castle County Board of Realtors Headquarters at 3615 Miller Road to embark on a 50-mile journey, which will take approximately 2 days to complete. Along the way, he will stop in several communities to meet with residents, community leaders, and elected officials to discuss the importance of Housing Affordability.
The lack of affordable housing has become a growing concern in Delaware, with many residents struggling to find safe, decent, affordable homes. While White is extremely grateful for Governor Carney’s additional $30-million-dollar housing infusion in the 2023 State Budget, he believes more needs to be done at all levels of Government to reduce the regulatory and financial barriers to homeownership in Delaware.

“My walk is only for 2 days; however, for many Delawareans, the days and nights they spend walking to find decent and safe shelter for themselves and their families are considerably longer,” said White.
White believes everyone deserves access to affordable housing and that by working together, we can help ensure that all Delawareans have a place to call home.
“I’m walking to Dover to bring attention to the need to create more affordable and permanent supportive housing in our state,” said White. “I believe that everyone should have access to safe, decent, and affordable housing, and I’m committed to doing my part to make that a reality.”
Throughout the walk, White will document his journey by using  #WalkingForAffordableHousing on social media. He encourages fellow Delawareans to follow along and join the conversation.
Once White arrives in Dover, he plans to hold a press conference at the Delaware Association of Realtor’s Headquarters, then meet with members of the General Assembly and Delaware State Housing Authority staff.

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