The Ceiling Seemed Like a Sea-Link.

I spread the mattress and blanket on the floor, 

Popped-bounced the pillows above,

In this tiny-terraced vacant room, 

Beside a busy-moving herring-highway. 

Patterns and combinations of headlights 

Created light-waves on the plain ceiling, 

Rising and falling like the evening sea,

The moon shining bright through the dormer 

Was like a safeguarding lighthouse on the bay, 

The blue-fairy lights by the bricked-walls

Were like the berry-bioluminescence, 

The window was gazing out affectionately

At a faraway pretty-wingy-windmill.

That steaming night, my poetic mind

Had found it’s calm in the chaotic-traffic, 

And the ceiling happened to be a sea-link to me.

The following humid-morning felt beamishly-abode,

I woke up with salt water and sand on my mind, 

I thought to myself, ‘j’adore la mer’, what a night!


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