stomach problems

there is something in my stomach. 

there’s something in my stomach. 

i scream. 

someone help get it out. 

i scream. 

they cant, obviously. 

of course they cant, i can. i can. 

it hurts. 

its hurting me. 

i scream, 

someone do something. 

a hug, a mother, a family. 

it wont stop hurting me. 

not since last week. 

or maybe a year ago is more accurate. 

or maybe it’s why i was born screaming. 

wont eat, 

only sleep and books stop it churning inside me. 

the words dont sound right when i say them, 

so how do i say them? 

how do i say, theres a thing in my stomach, and its not really there,

but it’s clawing its way around me. 

how can i convince them, myself, my mother,

that its really there. 

that its not just loneliness. 

that i am not lonely, eternally.

because i cant be, 

i cant be. 



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