South Hills real estate transactions for the week of Feb. 19, 2023 – TribLIVE

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Baldwin Borough
Adam Nelson sold property at 1695 Beryl Drive to Matthew Richert and Chandler Trainer for $224,900.
Michael Stein sold property at 1146 Boni Drive to Sven Zepic for $55,000.
Roy Davis sold property at 5180 Brownsville Road to Leos Tire & Auto Service LLC for $305,000.
John Dawso Jr. trustee sold property at 1208 Cathell Road to Donald and Erin Brown for $325,000.
Joshua Acosta sold property at 3606 Churchview Ave. to Emily Conrad for $285,000.
Kimberly Schwartz sold property at 3642 Churchview Avenue Ext. to George Cunningham for $109,500.
Beverly Ann Burgundy sold property at 2864 Custer Ave. to CPR Storage LLC for $95,000.
Nicholas Bradfield sold property at 445 Ganlet Drive to Stephanie Bihary for $195,000.
Brian Kramer sold property at 106 Joseph St. to Dhan Harka Rai and Tika Magar for $248,000.
Robert Babski sold property at 301 Ruthwood Ave. to Shaun Bogden trustee for $89,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $12,000,000).
Jena Stock sold property at 505 Tyler Drive to Kaylee Ann Krugh for $140,000.
Confluence Investments LLC sold property at 5272 Adobe Drive to Caroline Vikell for $205,000.
Alec Kopatich sold property at 926 Agnew Road to Gino Morena for $178,000.
Todd Arnold sold property at 71 Bonel Court to Amelia Benson for $205,000.
Shannon Yunn trustee sold property at 909 Brentview Drive to Mark Bloyd and Janet Torgensen for $190,000.
Shawn Becket sold property at 1228 Camarta Drive to Marc and Tara Sill for $434,000.
Edward Obringer sold property at 3311 Churchview Ave. to Shagley Doh for $164,900.
Jennifer Katry sold property at 5220 Clelia Drive to Ross and Kelly Spargur for $260,000.
Estate of Gabriel Baldesberger sold property at 5014 Elmwood Drive to Tika Bhujel and Harka Raj Gurung for $228,500.
Joseph Anthony Mastraieni Jr. trustee sold property at 4802 Gardenville Road to Albert and Lauren Streshenkoff for $175,000.
Thomas Lillie sold property at 2998 Ruthwood Ave. to Tianna Posey for $120,000.
Davolis Construction LLC sold property at 3141 Vernon Ave. to William and Megan Dilla for $349,900.
Ruth McGreevy sold property at 3235 Circle Drive to Salvatore Rullo for $35,000.
Lydia Holzapfel sold property at 5226 E Willock Road to Donald Joseph Mooney Jr. and Elizabeth Starr Milko for $199,900.
Wayne Hall sold property at 4707 Gardenville Road to Anthony and Daria Langel for $329,000.
Robert Weiss trustee sold property at 5225 Grace St. to 5220 SGN Gracie LLC for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $400,000).
Magnolia Properties & Invests LLC sold property at 1491 Hollyrood Road to Brian Neff for $160,000.
Estate of Charles Burkholder sold property at 144 Macek Drive to John Michael Nardel and Lisa Noelle Corna for $197,000.
Estate of Robert Hurbanek sold property at 221 Meadowdell Drive to RP3 Funding LLC for $151,000.
Baldwin Township
Joseph Shamlin sold property at 863 Middle Road to Raphael Zumer for $219,900.
Linh Nguyen sold property at 314 Larch Lane to Zachery Kevin and Kristi Anne Runyan for $235,000.
Eric Holley sold property at 704 Rose Lane to Matthew Zovko Jr. and Dayna Hoffmann for $325,000.
Jefferson Hills
Derek Samples sold property at 1372 Fourth St. to Benjamin Jacob and Ashlyn Faith Lacovara for $203,500.
Estate of John Blaho sold property at 1404 Cherrywood Drive to Justin Janosko and Naomi Herman for $200,000.
John Ruhl sold property at 145 Cassia Drive to Purna and Lachhi Maya Khatiwada for $310,000.
Estate of John Valerio Colonna sold property at 513 Coal Valley Road to Michael Coll for $153,000.
Maronda Homes LLC sold property at 115 Foxhound Drive to Matthew Richard and Alexandra Renee Pack for $679,624.
Robert Woppman sold property at 1751 Gill Hall Road to Darin Joseph and Jennifer Davis for $247,000.
Anthony Iannacchione sold property at 6383 Jefferson Pointe Circle to Antoinette Rothacker for $285,000.
Robert Platte sold property at 1606 Jefferson Ridge Drive to Lauren Alexander for $135,000.
James McGinnis sold property at 1620 Jefferson Ridge Drive to Thomas Robert and Beth Ann Carroll for $80,000.
Howard Riley sold property at 415 Lexie Way to Prem Silwal for $430,000.
Selah Grace Properties LLC sold property at State St. to Donald Ingold II and Amber Ingold for $52,000.
Red Oak Real Estate Systems Inc. sold property at Vine St. to Stone Villas LLC for $150,000.
Joseph Depretis sold property at 212 Andrew Drive to Ryan and Alyssa Moore for $332,000.
Patrick Schmidt sold property at 1436 Collins Ave. to David and Lisa Ann Barno for $275,000.
Brocato LLC sold property at 115 Gill Hall Road to SYDS LLC for $380,000.
New Homestead Development Co. sold property at 401 Gill Hall Road to BK Homes PGH LLC for $135,000.
James Mark Ferguson sold property at 5005 Jackson Drive to Mark and Martha Greenblatt for $445,000.
Jeffrey Andrews sold property at 108 Reed Drive to Chase Bendick for $156,500.
Bonnie Craig sold property at 1205 State St. to Nikko Enos and Sydney Tichon for $97,000.
Pleasant Hills
Jeffrey Direng sold property at 170 Broadway Ave. to Andrew Payant and Robin Holtman for $305,000.
Lal Dahal sold property at 359 Cavan Drive to Tek and Pavi Khadka for $235,000.
Masonic Hall Assn. Pleasant Hills sold property at 455 E Bruceton Road to Aayana Rental Property LLC for $617,000.
Amy Georgulis trustee sold property at 479 Sequoia Drive to Robert Platte and Xiara Long for $300,000.
Timothy Ruyevcan sold property at 102 Sunrise Drive to Michael Coll for $175,000.
Terence Land Co. LLC sold property at Temona Drive to Duquesne Light Co. for $295,000.
Jessie Lehosky sold property at 360 Temona Drive to Matthew and Caitlin Rill for $300,000.
Residential Resources Inc. sold property at 266 W Bruceton Road to Mark Chambers for $150,000.
Bradley Rodeheaver sold property at 430 Caryl Drive to Nicholas Patrick Vucich for $450,000.
Evan Lloyd Mazary sold property at 105 Columbia Drive to Robert and Anastasia Dubnicay for $285,000.
Richard Fedak sold property at 276 Constitution Drive to Nathan Clarke for $225,000.
Holdbox LLC sold property at 121 Delano Drive to Diamond Porch LLC for $171,000.
William Hecht sold property at 132 Green Drive to Raymond and Barbara Fierst for $313,000.
John Shaffer IV sold property at 434 Hi Tor Drive to Joel Travitz for $40,000.
David Sirota sold property at 365 Maize Drive to Ran and Purna Pradhan for $255,000.
Pleasant Hills American Legion Post 712 sold property at 650 Old Clairton Road to ME3 Real Estate LLC for $350,000.
Leela Nepal sold property at 311 Arbor Lane to Harka Gurung and Som Maya Tamang for $250,000.
Karen Spellman sold property at 333 Grace St. to Mon and Meg Subedi for $150,000.
Julie Nguyen sold property at 114 Lebanon Church Road to Manish and Vaishali Patel for $147,600.
Estate of John Knobloch sold property at 344 Mowry Drive to Kay Knobloch trustee for $150,000.
Jeremy Shosky sold property at 153 Revere Drive to Lee Syznborski and Cara Ringeling for $224,900.
George Grmusa sold property at 175 Senate Drive to Vincent Lapeccerella for $270,000.
David McKivigan sold property at 2757-2759 Clairton Blvd. to Duldul LLC for $620,000.
Michael Wilkeson sold property at 6 Harter Cir to Sita Rai and Narendra Thapa for $212,000.
Eric Kirsch sold property at 5104 Lantern Hill Drive to Alexander Dalton Miller and Stephanie Morgan Bowman for $232,000.
Charles Hess Jr. sold property at 3608 Reiland St. to Rudolph Anthony and Amanda Filek for $260,000.
Jonathan Hilliard sold property at 4850 Rolling Hills Road to Michael and Suzanne Jackson for $400,000.
Robert Dubnicay sold property at 4795 Sherwood Drive to John Adamic and Kevin Anderson for $210,000.
Denise Roslonski sold property at 107 Whitehill Cir to Joshua Adomaitis for $240,000.
K3 Realty LLC sold property at 1610-1612 Bevan Road to Yog Nepal and Leela Chauhan for $170,000.
Andrew Miller sold property at 4607 Clubvue Drive to Glenn Miller for $65,000.
Thomas Hunter Jr. sold property at 4372 E Barlind Drive to Dennis Miller for $225,000.
Kenneth Wolfram sold property at 5184 Grove Road to Adrien and Amanda Trujillo for $165,000.
Nicholas Napoleon sold property at 72 Hennig Drive to Jordan Voellinger for $219,500.
James Malloy sold property at 4830 Old Boston Road to Joshua Pollard and Darrick Harris for $327,150.
Ross Spargur sold property at 5340 Orchard Hill Drive to Nicolee Biddle for $200,000.
Holly Lynn Diehl sold property at 6005 Parkvue Drive Ext. to Harry and Beverli Miller for $354,005.
Thomas Miller sold property at 4855 S Emblem Drive to Kurt Eichenmuller for $350,000.
Jason English sold property at 229 Shadowlawn Cir to Liljana Lozancic for $142,500.
Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB sold property at 4609 W Brightview Ave. to Brian and Melinda Lunn for $202,000.
Catherine Wutzke Habermann sold property at 220 Wedgewood Drive to David Dougherty and Sarah Koch for $112,500.
Estate of John Donahoe sold property at 117 Windvale Drive to David Bendick for $250,000.
Benjamin Stake sold property at 4744 Baptist Road to Timothy and Rebecca Ruyevcan for $355,000.
Amy Tray sold property at 3400 Margaret St. to Melquiadez and Ambereen Moreno for $143,000.
Raymont Hopkins sold property at 4721 Old Boston Road to Y My Liu for $300,000.
Victoria Stasenko sold property at 4445 Stilley Road to Goran and Vidoje Babic for $204,000.
Timothy Allen sold property at 210 Thomas Drive to David Krestal and Vivian Novak for $257,000.
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TribLIVE’s Daily and Weekly email newsletters deliver the news you want and information you need, right to your inbox.
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