SMFS Member Publishing News: Memorial by Robert Lopresti

SMFS list member Robert Lopresti’s short story,
Memorial, is published today in Black Cat Weekly #95. Published by Wildside Press,
the issue is available here in
digital format.


Website Description:

Our 95th issue has a lot of fun stuff—starting off
with an original mystery by Robert Lopresti (thanks to Acquiring Editor Michael
Bracken). Also on the mystery side, “Haitian Divorce,” by Simon Wood, courtesy
of Acquiring Editor Barb Goffman, as well as a pair of classic novels by
Hulbert Footner and R. Austin Freeman…plus a solve-it-yourself puzzler from
Hal Charles.

On the fantastic side of things, A.R. Morlan has a
modern tale of clones, Alfred Coppel has a scientific monster, Seabury Quinn
has a weird horror, and Fritz Leiber has a comic mermaid tale. And there a
classic science fiction novel by John Taine. Good stuff!


Here’s the complete lineup:

Mysteries / Suspense / Adventure:

“Memorial,” by Robert Lopresti [Michael Bracken
Presents short story]

“The Case of the Petty Porch Pirate,” Hal Charles
[Solve-It-Yourself Mystery]

“Haitian Divorce,” by Simon Wood [Barb Goffman
Presents short story]

Putting Crime Over, by Hulbert Footner [novel, Madame
Storey series]

The D’Arblay Mystery, by R. Austin Freeman [novel, Dr.
Thorndyke series]


Science Fiction & Fantasy:

“Boog’/4 and the Endicaran Kluge,” by A. R. Morlan
[short story]

“The Terror,” by Alfred Coppel [short story]

“Pipe Dream,” by Fritz Leiber [short story]

“Out of the Long Ago,” by Seabury Quinn [short story]

Seeds of Life, by John Taine [novel]


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