Sales Thought Leaders To Follow

Sales Thought Leaders To Follow

Are you looking to stay on top of the latest trends and strategies within the sales industry?

It’s no secret that successful businesses need a strong sales department in order to be competitive. To give your team members an edge, it pays off to follow leaders in the field who have proven themselves as thought leaders: those individuals who can share insights and advice with inspiring stories, passion, and expertise.

In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the most influential sales gurus out there today – so if you want to know how to get ahead of your competition, join us as we explore our list of must-follow sales thought leaders!

Why Follow Other Thought Leaders on Social Media

Following thought leaders on social media provides valuable insights, ideas, and strategies to help you succeed in your business.

Sales leaders are experts in understanding customer behavior and the sales process. By following them on social media, business leaders can gain valuable insights into the sales process and learn how to better understand and engage with their customers. Leaders are also constantly experimenting with new sales techniques and approaches. This allows other leaders to learn about new techniques and incorporate them into their own sales strategies.

Additionally, sales leaders are often the first to spot emerging trends in the sales industry. By following them, business leaders can stay up-to-date on the latest sales trends and adapt their sales strategies accordingly. Sales leaders are not only experts in sales but also in leadership. This means by following them on social media; you can improve your leadership skills and also network with other professionals and business leaders.

What a Thought Leader Does

Thought Leaders in the Sales Industry to Follow on Social Media

  • Jill Konrath – She is a sales strategist and author of several best-selling books, including “SNAP Selling” and “Agile Selling.” She provides insightful perspectives on sales, prospecting, and leadership.
  • Jeb Blount – Jeb is a sales acceleration specialist and author of several books, including “Fanatical Prospecting” and “Sales EQ.” He shares practical tips and strategies for building strong customer relationships and improving sales performance.
  • Anthony Iannarino – He is a sales coach, speaker, and author of the book “The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need.” Anthony’s insights focus on the intersection of sales, leadership, and personal development.
  • Grant Cardone – Grant is a sales trainer, speaker, and author of several books, including “Sell or Be Sold” and “The 10X Rule.” He is known for his motivational approach to sales and his emphasis on taking massive action.
  • Mark Hunter – He is a sales strategist and author of several books, including “High-Profit Prospecting” and “A Mind for Sales.” Mark shares insights on sales techniques, prospecting, and leadership.

These thought leaders have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the sales industry and can provide valuable insights and strategies to help you succeed in your sales career. Other thought leaders worth following are Jeff Bezos, Sherly Sanderg, Reid Hoffman, Marc Andreeseen, and Peter Thiel.

Depending on your industry, expertise, and topics that resonate for you, there are also several established and emerging podcasts to follow. For instance, sales leaders can find many tips and strategies to grow their leadership and their organization’s revenue on The Improving Sales Performance livecast.

And for those focusing on sales growth, Sell Smart. Sell Faster. provides fresh insights, strategies, and real-world examples that help business leaders take their sales enablement to the next level.

For more podcast suggestions on business growth and thought leadership, click here.

The Benefits of Being a Thought Leader [VIDEO]

How Can You Demonstrate Yourself as a Thought Leader?

Thought leadership can transform your career, brand, and business. It can position you and/or your company as leaders in your industry, open doors to new opportunities, and build lasting trust with the people in your audiences who matter most to your company.

Here are some ways to demonstrate yourself as a thought leader:

  • Create valuable content: Produce high-quality content that provides insights, ideas, and solutions to problems in your industry. This can include blog posts, videos, podcasts, whitepapers, and webinars. 
  • Speak at industry events: Offer to speak at industry events and conferences to share your expertise and insights with a broader audience. This can help establish you as an authority in your field.
  • Engage on social media: Engage with your audience on social media by sharing your thoughts, ideas, and insights. Respond to comments and questions and participate in relevant conversations.
  • Write a book: Writing a book on your area of expertise can establish you as a thought leader and help you reach a wider audience.
  • Collaborate with other thought leaders: Collaborate with other thought leaders in your industry by co-authoring content or hosting joint events. This can help you reach a wider audience and gain new perspectives.
  • Provide solutions: Demonstrate your ability to provide solutions to problems in your industry. Share case studies, success stories, and examples of how you’ve helped others overcome challenges.
  • Stay up-to-date: Stay up-to-date with industry trends and news to ensure that your content and ideas are current and relevant.

By demonstrating your expertise and providing valuable insights and solutions, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Consistency, authenticity, and a willingness to engage with your audience are key to becoming a respected and sought-after thought leader.

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