Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded February 20-24.
Jacksonville Housing Associates Limited Partnership II to Jacksonville HC5, LLC, Pt W/2 SE 29-3N-10W $5,734,000.
Jacksonville Housing Associates Limited Partnership to Jacksonville HC5, LLC, Pt S/2 SW 29-3N-10W $3,666,000.
Chris Maris Custom Homes & Remodeling, LLC to Douglas W. Jackson, Jr.; Elizabeth Jackson, 9 Edgehill Road, Little Rock. L23, Edge Hill, $1,300,000.
Kathy Toll Watson; Dorothy M. Toll Exempt Shar No. 1 Qtip Trust to Professional Property Company, LLC, Profit Sharing Plan, Pt NW NW 22-1N-13W, $1,080,000.
Chandler David Rackley; Kelli Rackley to Kevin Michael Galindo; Rebecca Galindo, 301 Ensbury Drive, Little Rock. L15 B101, Chenal Valley, $875,000.
John Jacob Lively; Mary Grace Lively to Michael Butler; Molly Butler, 83 Falstone Drive, Little Rock. L35 B136, Chenal Valley, $762,500.
Judson C. Kidd; The Rogers Cockrill Exempt Trust Share/The Chester Ashley Cockrill, Jr. Revocable Trust to Stephen W. Chaffinn; The Stamp Revocable Trust, L19 B9, Country Club Heights, $675,000.
Davis Construction Services, Inc., to David J. Manning, 24 Corlay Drive, Little Rock. L4 B66, Chenal Valley, $609,000.
Lauren Hendrix to Stephen Taylor Douglas; Jane Elizabeth Douglas, 1 Shawbridge Lane, Little Rock. L32 B11, Pleasant Valley, $595,000.
Larry W. Sigler; Larry W. Sigler Revocable Trust; Janie L. Sigler; Janie Sigler Revocable Trust Agreement to Joshua Matthews; April Matthews, 54 Fontenay Cir., Little Rock. L5 B5, Chenal Valley, $590,000.
Ives Custom Homes, LLC to Douglas P. Golden; Cynthia L. Golden, 14005 Argyll Court, Little Rock. Tract A, Lochridge Estates, $554,900.
Mid-Ark Drywall Company, Inc. to Clarice Montgomery; Philip Evans, 108 Eagle Ridge Drive, Maumelle. L4 B15, Maumelle Valley Estates Phase XVII, $549,900.
Scott Alan Stratton to Jeffrey Louis Turk; Erica Suzanne Turk, 4 Winthrop Point, Little Rock. L36 B15, Woodlands Edge, $549,900.
Thomas Alexander Jones; Katherine Barnett Jones; The Alex And Katherine Jones Family Trust to Rachel Beth Bullock; Daniel Will Bullock, 500 N. Palm St., Little Rock. L7 B24, Pulaski Heights, $500,000.
Riverwalk Homes, LLC to William Saeler Dickinson, 27 Corlay Drive, Little Rock. L24 B66, Chenal Valley, $450,000.
Paula North to B And L Land, LLC, Pt NW SE & Pt SW NE 19-2N-14W, $450,000.
Scott A. DeMott; Jacquelyn M. De-Mott; Scott A. Deott Trust; Jacquelyn M. DeMott Trust to Sheffield Duke Coulter; Benjamin Luke Coulter, 8 Jacob Place, Little Rock. L41 B15, The Villages Of Wellington, $448,000.
C. Wesley Lasseigne; Kelly E. Lasseigne; The Wesley And Kelly Lasseigne Revocable Trust to Randall Crow; Rene Crow, 14 Westchester Court, Little Rock. L26, Westchester Phase IV, $405,000.
Ba Thuy Tien Le; Kim Le Nicholas; Terrance Nicholas to Shirley Jo Dancy, L15 B10, Creekside, $402,500.
Jackson Glenn Martin; Torey Harrison Martin; Torey Danielle Harrison to Jennifer Anne Eddy; Samuel David Eddy, 14 Eds Lane, Little Rock. L8 B3, Valley Ranch Phase II, $395,000.
Specialized Loan Servicing, LLC to Pabani Brother’s, LLC, 19 Bristol Court, Little Rock. L8 B19, The Villages Of Wellington, $387,000.
Kimberly Sturch; Estate Of Cathy Cochran Smith (dec’d) to Jack W. Allen, 15 Lombardy Lane, Little Rock. L129, McMillen Replat- Normandy, $385,000.
Scott Adams; Morgan Adams to Cody Wilson; Alanna Wilson, 1524 Northline Drive, North Little Rock. L25 B4, Overbrook, $380,000.
Marilee Hollis Wallace; Andrew Scott Wallace to Megan McCollum, 115 Breckenridge Lane, Maumelle. L8 B27, Maumelle Valley Estates, $376,000.
Deere Construction, LLC to Gary P. Yielding; Cheley W. Yielding, 9908 Willow Brook Drive, Sherwood. L29, Millers Glen Phase 8, $360,000.
Dana Baker Demesy; Ashley Moore; Ileene Watkins Revocable Trust to Philip Mizell; Mary Ann Mizell, L42 B3, Chenal Valley, $340,000.
Village Capital And Investment, LLC to Village Capital And Investment, LLC, 15 Belle River Cir., Maumelle. L19, Belle River, $336,200.
Charles Scott Jez to Jason Schmidt; Kiley Hutcheson, 1517 Lost Creek Drive, Jacksonville. L39, Lost Creek Estates Phase I, $335,000.
WM Custom Homes Of Arkansas, LLC to Christopher Meredith; Denise Meredith, 1605 Wewoka Drive, North Little Rock. L2 B51, Indian Hills, $334,000.
Spears Custom Homes, LLC to John H. Walitsch, 893 Millers Glen Drive, Sherwood. L1, Millers Glen Phase 5, $333,900.
Michael Paul Gauthier to Bradford P. Pennington; Debra Denise Pennington, 17027 Edinburgh Drive, Little Rock. L56, Lochridge Estates, $325,000.
William W. Caldwell; Tracy Caldwell to Benjiman Randall James Gaither, 24 Cattail Cove Maumelle. L211, Waterside Replat, $325,000.
Opal Investments, LLC to Kurt S. Moehling; Bryanna K. Moehling, 2320 Gristmill Road, Little Rock. L278, Sturbridge Phase IV, $310,000.
Oscar Laster, Jr.; Pearlie Laster to Yadwinder Singh; Akashdeep Singh, Pt N/2 SW 20-1S-11W; Blk A, Tafton Annex, $300,000.
Bison Capital 1, LLC to Austin Pfeiffer; Chelsey Pfeiffer, 1601 Shumate Drive, Little Rock. L29, Marlowe Manor, $298,000.
Michael Bowen; Michael D. Bowen; Alicia A. Bowen to Matthew Caleb Montgomery; Amy James Montgomery, 8 Blue Mountain Drive, Maumelle. L46, Edgewater Phase I, $285,000.
Christopher Payne; Diane Payne to Justin James Seals; Charidy Seals, 1217 Windsor Court, Jacksonville. L8, Jamestown Phase 2, $283,500.
Jason Richard; Cynthia Richard to Larry Joe Powell, 2000 Martha Drive, Little Rock. L229, Marlowe Manor Phase III, $280,000.
Mark Winchester; Tamara Winchester to Billy Mark Clark, 14723 Cedar Heights Road, North Little Rock. L5 B2, Allen’s Highway Gardens, $280,000.
Robert R. Burns; Megumi S. Burns to Jennifer Dryden; Isaiah Choy, 2512 Cedar Creek Road, North Little Rock. L21 B11, Overbrook, $280,000.
Ask Thompson Enterprises, LLC to Vanessa Lynn Bostick, 7 Coachlight Drive, Little Rock. L153, Sturbridge Phase III, $270,000.
Blane Rasch; Shawn O. Zarharewicz to Shannon Paige Kenney, L1 B201, Original City Of Little Rock, $270,000.
Mary A. Tackett; Perry Tackett to Brandon M. Gapen; Jillian S. Gapen, 7937 Colonel Maynard Road, Scott. L9, Pecan Lake Estates, $269,900.
Terry L. Mercing to Marilee Hollis Wallace; Andrew Scott Wallace, L33 B59, Lakewood, $268,000.
Jeffrey P. Bowen; Lori E. Bowen to Jimmie Howard; Zoretta Howard, 2801 Donaghey Drive, North Little Rock. L25 B59, Lakewood, $262,000.
James William Alexander to Susan Greathouse, 3 Van Lee Drive, Little Rock. L4, Nob Hill, $250,000.
Jamie A. Foster; Joseph R. Foster, Jr. (dec’d) to Whittney Williamson; Helen Marie Williamson, 10705 Yosemite Valley Drive, Little Rock. L11 B44, Pleasant Valley, $250,000.
William Holden; Kristyn Holden to Cameron Crouch; Chloe Crouch, 1003 Beacon Hill Court, Little Rock. L227, Walnut Valley 2nd, $242,400.
Cordell W. Battles; The Charlene S. Battles Revocable Trust to The Clifton Family, LLLP, L11 B72, Park Hill NLR, $240,000.
Michael A. Pearson; The Patricia Pearson Revocable Living Trust to David W. Hanson, L18, Fairway Woods, $240,000.
James Walters; Summer Elaine Bartczak to Carolyn Henry; Marilyn L. Thompson, 2226 Bearskin Drive, Sherwood. L25, Austin Lakes, $239,900.
Megan McCollum; Megan Rosser to Tevin Cooley, 5021 Del Rey Blvd., North Little Rock. L4, Village Of Del Rey Phase I, $238,000.
Max D. Rand to Jade Alexandra Adams; James W. Adams, Jr.; Kimberly D. Adams, 1312 Pine Valley Road, Little Rock. L126, Kingwood Place, $236,000.
Douglas Fender; Lynnell Fender to Herman McDade, 5 Pinecrest Lane, Maumelle. L13, Piney Cove, $220,000.
Quo Properties, LLC to Michael A. Langley, II; Cindy K. Langley, L3, Pleasant Run, $215,900.
Zachary D. James; Brook C. Bolin James to Natalie Ann Bundren, 3001 Miracle Heights Cove, Sherwood. L5, Miracle Heights (Miracle Heights Phase I), $214,000.
Bank OZK; Estate Of Angela G. Breazeal (dec’d) to Mark Alan Peoples, 18 Painted Turtle Cove, Little Rock. L86, Turtle Creek, $202,000.
Sherry L. Via; Estate Of Doris J. Sirk-Fisher/Doris J. Sirk (dec’d) to Jimmy D. Worlow, 8717 Yellow Oak Drive, Jacksonville. L41, Silver Oaks, $200,000.
Nancy Diane Knowles; John W. And Frances Knowles Revocable Trust to CBM Appraisals, Inc., Pt SE NW 24-2N-14W, $200,000.
Nathan Piston to Megan Gilbee; Timothy Gilbee, 1304 W. Second St., Little Rock. Ls7-8 B335, Original City Of Little Rock, $199,000.
Thomas Briseno; Jamie Ray Brown to Jacob Hatch, 6724 Ridgemist Lane, Sherwood. L16, Trammel Gardens Phase I, $196,154.
Estate Of Kathleen G. Meigs (dec’d); Stephen Meigs, Jr. to Chevy D. Mauk, 207 White Wing Way, Jacksonville. L235, Northlake Phase IV-B, $189,000.
REI Nation, LLC to Derek R. Needham; Michelle R. Needham, 11006 Legion Hut Road, Little Rock. Pt SW NE 11-1S-13W, $180,450.
Lakeview West, LLC to Darrellyn Green; Darrell Green, L23, Lakeview West, $180,000.
REI Nation, LLC to Crystal St. Clair, 13301 Clay St., Mabelvale. L63, Rolling Pine Phase II, $180,000.
Elena Murrieta; Elena M. Brizzolara to Aristo C. Brizzolara, V; Carol L. Brizzolara; Aristo C. Brizzolara, IV, L12, Colony Place, $175,000.
Brenis Garza to Davanna Yancy, 304 Wisteria Drive, North Little Rock. L13, Meadowlane, $170,000.
Cecillea Pond-Mayo to KMT Property Investments, LLC, 216 W. Daisy L. Gatson Bates Drive, Little Rock. Ls5-6 B168, Original City Of Little Rock, $165,000.
Feshonta Anderson; Feshonta T. Ewell to La Shauna D. Burkett, 1625 Yarrow Drive, North Little Rock. L382, Faulkner Crossing Phase 8, $165,000.
David L. Mosley; Sue P. Mosley; Gerald L. Mosley Trust Agreement to Xuyang Li; Hui Zhang, 25 Painted Turtle Cove, Little Rock. Legal Description Omitted, $165,000.
Phillip Gangluff to Ethan T. Hesselbein, 800 Emerald Gardens Drive, North Little Rock. Lot B B1, Green Hills, $161,500.
Pilgrim Mortgage, LLC to Pilgrim Mortgage, LLC, L411, Faulkner Crossing Phase 8, $160,000.
Mortgage Assets Management, LLC to Mortgage Assets Management, LLC, 402 Brown St., Little Rock. L2 B5, CH Taylor, $156,440.
John Bradford Cook; Amelia Louise Cash; Martha And Al Cook Family Trust to WYZE Buy And Hold, LLC, 8901 Mayflower Road, Little Rock. L4 B4, Pennbrook Section A, $155,000.
The Secretary Of Veterans Affirs to Mitchell Meckfessel, 33 Jackson Oaks Drive, Sherwood. L109, Arbor Oaks Phase III, $155,000.
Shirley J. Sapp; Stanton L. Sapp (dec’d) to Donald Ray B. Radley, Jr.; Delisa Figueroa, 305 Gray St., Jacksonville. L11 B3, Harpole, $154,134.
PennyMac Loan Services, LLC to BJR Group, Inc., 2309 Bearskin Drive, Sherwood. L15, Austin Lakes, $152,972.
PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, LLC to Turner And Sons Construction Company, Inc., 15 Abington Court, Little Rock. L14 B137, Chenal Valley- Abington Court Phase I, $152,000.
Ken Wiesner; Jill M. Pride Watson Wiesner Trust to Hicks Rental And Property Development, LLC, Pt S/2 SW 28-4N-10W, $151,326.
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