of mice & comments :: internet intellectuals

of mice & comments :: introducing internet intellectuals

bizarre_life declares

rarest male is the one who lives with crocodiles

~  while

  lennyfan mockingly taunts

you ain’t never seen a dog in a dolphin suit

                                        …….          have you?

i can’t argue with either

but how i ended up in the abyss

of this pissing contest

in a youtube comment section

is the biggest mystery to me.


back track:

scrolling pod.tude lectures on neurology

led to the darkest corners

of this godless portal

            RIP Mother Mary       

                    no mother is safe in that place

& hate doesn’t cease or stop to discriminate

ask u/bigDICK888

–  still butt-hurt that the triple six variation

was claimed by another / random / edgy

hundred pound, twelve year old.

beta lobsters with dirty rooms

at the base of primary school hierarchies

swear on video title / bite size philosophy

unable to digest solid information

          never mind animated nihilist summaries


which seems a fairy tale in the shade

when compared next to

this depressing gen Z existential nightmare

digital pens are softer than balloon swords

mythical events closer to truth –

                        – than comment section views

top shagger

armed & loaded with his AKA qwerty keyboard

  mister worldwide

boasts of his exploits with broads

@ home

& abroad on foreign shores

waxing lyrical

in his reddit released tell-all / autobiographical


:::: 50 shades of things that never happened

                  while i surfed the world wide web

                                    with my mouse in my hand

stop the world & let me off

suicide by anti vax serpent tongue

OWNED by facts & logic 

                      i’ve died online

                              for the last time x

        // catch me on the other side of the Nile //

like the former dundee, aussie khaki nature guy 

                        = i’ll be catching rays

                              with them beastly / beauty crocodiles 

((sadly) loosely based on true comment section events_)) 


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