My Last Act

I pick up the shards of glass 

that are scattered on the ground.

I marvel at them in wonderment,

how beautiful it once was.

Still, it’ll serve a good cause.

Such a pity, 

won’t you applaud?

This is the end of the show,

Don’t you hear the crows?

Toss your roses

Or will you wait till my eyes are closed?

Pour the alcohol,

Let the bubbles float to the surface.

Drink it until it makes you bawl.

Tears leak,

Salty drink.

I’m already too deep.


Never thought I would ever see

My body all wrinkly.

At last I succeeded.

One last performance.

My last act will attract them like mosquitoes.

Don’t close your eyes,

Watch how I rise 

higher than anybody could ever think,

I sink.

Floating in the sky.

Won’t you hum me a lullaby?

As I’m about to fall asleep quite deep.


Crushed strawberries.

Will you have some?

Hands get all red,

Feeling a bit lightheaded.

I drank so much, 

perhaps too much.

Yet, still I long for just one soft touch.

Won’t you kiss me once?

Though your lipstick will get smudged.


Today I’ll be judged,

Will I rise or go down?

Or will I simply continue to drown

in the eternal waters of the Styx?

Hug me with your daggers,

Stab me with your words,

It does not matter anymore.

It has collapsed, 

this house of cards.

There is no more blood left for me to spill.

Let me float away in this sea,

which is extra salty today.

Too far from the bay.


Everyday was a bad day,

But today is a good day.

My last day,

My last act.

Praise me or did I do bad?

The set looks ethereal, right?

Resembling a war-scene.

It’s going to be a pain to clean,

but not a worry for me.

Nobody would have foreseen,

But at the same time anybody would have seen.

If only they had seen.


Wine spills from everyone’s glasses,

Too many gashes,

As we try to pick up the shards.

The sound of something breaking is so loud and clear,

I wonder how they will justify

that they have never heard.

I am Ivan.

Who died in the embrace of his Tsar.

My supporting role,

forgot to support, 

I suppose.

Forgot to appear at all,

Leaving me laying on the red carpet underneath.

On my own.


Water is what I breathe,

Don’t I portray a mermaid well?

But I’m not the only actor here.

Everyone here should get an Oscar.

They’re all impostors.

Look at how their tears flow freely

down their reddened cheeks.

But wasn’t it them who gave me this role?

Gave me this script?

It’s only fair that I decide the ending, 

don’t you agree with me?


This is the end.

The moment I’ve dreamt of,

from when I took my first breath,

is finally here.

Red lights.

Blue lights.

But it’s too late.

White roses have been thrown.

Thorns pricking my skin,

Red now.

Submerged in the water,

Petals flowing around me.

At last, 

I feel content.

The red embraces me.

The curtains close.

The sound of applause fades away.

I sink to the ground,

and let out one last breath.

My last act.


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