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MHG Commercial Real Estate announced its successful collaboration with Jagco, a leading automation solutions and technology provider, to help establish the company’s headquarters in the thriving Phoenix market.
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The team at MHG Commercial represented and successfully negotiated a deal for $4.1 million on Jagco’s behalf, resulting in the acquisition of a 20,103 square-foot single-tenant industrial building located at 3401 E Harbour Dr., Phoenix. This deal offers excellent value for MHG's client and the team at MHG is excited to see Jagco utilize the new space to design and build advanced next-generation products and services tailored to meet the tech-driven manufacturing industry’s evolving needs.
Leaders from MHG Commercial say they are proud to have helped Jagco expand its presence in the Phoenix market and are excited to see them utilize the space to achieve its ambitious business objectives. Aaron Dutcher and Justin Skogen of MHG Commercial were instrumental in representing the buyer and ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction for all parties involved. MHG Commercial remains committed to providing clients with exceptional service and expertise to help them achieve their real estate goals and look forward to continuing the partnership with Jagco as they continue to grow for years to come.
About MHG Commercial: MHG Commercial is like the mischievous child in the classroom of commercial real estate in Arizona – always causing a stir and making things happen. With its team of dynamic and daring professionals, it takes on the toughest real estate challenges and comes out on top every time. Whether it’s leasing a retail space, managing a multi-family residential building, or finding the perfect location for a new business, MHG Commercial is always up for the task.
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