Market Your Book Like El Chapo


There are some smells you never forget:

* New car smell
* First day in your just-purchased house
* Baby’s scent (not when a diaper change is needed)
* … and when you meet the dog you just adopted.

I got to experience the latter a little over a month ago.

My family and I welcomed a year-old pug into our home — almost three years to
the day that we rescued Ferris, a lovable black lab who was four back then.
Yes, I have a hundred-pound middle-aged dog and a 20-pound puppy.

This one’s back story is he was rescued out of a drug den in Aruba. Fostered in
Phoenix for a few months, he was flown to us across the country this past
Saturday. We named him El Chapo.

We found out the billionaire drug cartel king is a short guy and his nickname
means shorty. Our pug is a little guy with a big personality. Perfect fit!

When my wife suggested we adopt a pug I was not fully into it. I love dogs but
was there really a need to double the dog count when we had a perfect dog

She pushed it. When she wasn’t sending me adorable pics, she was asking me to
warm up to the idea. Whatever Ferris was doing, she asked me to imagine him
with a little playmate.

She wore me down. I caved, reluctantly.

When he arrived we agreed to foster him. If he was good, we would keep him. If
he shit all over the place, bit anyone, or ruffled our resident dog he was
outta here.

He immediately immerses himself into our lives. Who can deny a snug pug who
looks at you with guppy eyes and wiggles around?

He at first seemed to annoy Ferris with all of his playfulness. He bravely got
in the face of Ferris, yapping at him to play. Whatever toy Ferris had, El
Chapo wanted. Whenever Ferris moved, the microdog followed. When Ferris was
lying around, the other one jumped on him like he was an amusement park ride.
After a few days of put-in-your-place growls by the big guy, there was harmony.

They found a way to engage each other that I didn’t think Ferris would go for.
He is a people’s dog, not a dog’s dog. El Chapo has literally wiggled his way
into everyone’s heart. So how did he do it?

Authors should pay attention to what this little dog does to ensure he got what
he wanted — to get adopted:

1. Persistence — He makes his presence known and is persistent
in his efforts to get me to like him.

2. Consistency — Every day he is on good behavior so that I
don’t grab an excuse to punt him. He acts consistent with how a hood dog

3. Energetic — He has an exuberance about him. One is drawn to
his spunkiness.

4. Passionate — Everything that he does is done with a real
desire to engage. It shows in his body language and the animated sounds that he

5. Playful — He is always up for play time.

6. Adorable — He looks so scrumptious and lovable.

7. Engages Everyone At Their Level — He is around to sit and
be a lap dog or he can join you on a long walk.

8. Voices His Needs — Though he can’t speak, he does make
sqeaky sounds and looks at me with his guiding eyes in a way that I think I
know what he wants.

You too can follow his playbook to win others

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