I Killed Myself.

I killed myself

Aged 7

But life refused to quit

I got my first best friend

When I turned 11


I killed myself at 16

Thought I could not go on

My world was full of darkness

So decided I was better off



Life insisted

So I persisted 

Found the joy of music

Stood up to the knees

In mud

With the bass making my

Heart thud


I killed myself at 20

Could no longer

Find the joy

In music or

The boy


Despite my resistance

Life continued with insistence 

So I stumbled through 

Not knowing what to do 


Soon I will be 60

If I died 

There are many who

Would miss me

I don’t want to die


I hope I live for a hundred years

Don’t get me wrong

I still cry tears


But most tears

That I cry today

Are tears of joy

I rekindled my love

For music

And I got the boy!


But above all else

I love myself

And I love that




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