Here's how much space renters in Tampa and St. Petersburg get for $1,500

Rentcafe released its annual list of cities offering the most space for $1,500 and Tampa was ranked near the bottom of the pack.

At the national level, a monthly rent of $1,500 will get you an average of 782 square feet of apartment space. That is more than 56% of the 200 largest cities in the nation offer, according to the report.

The surveys compared the amount of space you can rent on the same $1,500 budget in the 200 most populated U.S. cities.

The baseline budget varies depending on several factors, including neighborhood, size and quality.

In 2022, Tampa renters could get 734 square feet of apartment space for $1,500 — 48 square feet less (the size of a home office) compared to the national benchmark, according to a previous RentCafe survey using apartment data from sister company, Yardi Matrix, ranking the city at No. 69.

The average rent in the city is $1,891, which provides renters with an apartment of 925 square feet. 

The numbers are worse in St. Petersburg, where $1,500 only gets renters 660 square feet (about twice the parking space area), ranking it at No. 74.

The average rent in St. Petersburg is currently $1,969, which provides renters with an apartment of 871 square feet. 

Every large city in Florida was ranked in the lower echelon of the list.


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