Dimethyltryptamine Daydream

Orphan Ontology (an obituary for father time & mother earth)


swap the snapping turtles for shadow puppets

it’s Plato’s cave all the way down 


shimmering hexagonal revelations 

stream through my Dimethyltryptamine daydream


out of my eyes unfurled the room 

& then the world was birthed from my womb


faint as a whisper, yet haunting

a spectre lingers in the ether

heavy charcoal clouds hanging over me


under orange smoke, I pray 

in dusty days of this drought-stricken

Eleusinian mystery  

where the flowers which you painted in the spring 

have turned a pale shade of grey disarray 


a black hole sun hovers where the superlunary 

ought to be 

& i find myself lost with insomnia 

seeking aletheia on a polar night 

stumbling around the thorny maze of my own creation 

in the tattered pair of shoes 

painted by Vincent van Gogh


in that little ice age 

Nietzsche’s demon spoke the cursed words

spelling out my Sisyphean eternal recurrence 

to carry an acacia cyclops cross 

sprawled across the breadth of my back 

crafted by my clumsy hands 

splintered & bloody as they deserve to be  

for letting you slip through 

when my skies were still blue


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