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If you’ve been on a Bachelorette trip in the last few years, you know the place you’re staying has a big impact on how the trip goes.
Most groups want to stay somewhere spacious with easy access to activities in whatever destination you’ve chosen for your trip, and it’s definitely a bonus if the home fits the aesthetic of the weekend you’re planning so you don’t have to spend as much money on decor.
Enter Vanessa Aguirre, a short-term rental homeowner who is based in Chicago, Illinois. Aguirre, 31, and her husband bought their first property in Nashville, and because of the location, Aguirre became inspired to cater the townhome’s decor to bachelorette groups.
“I thought rather than try to compete with all the professionally designed Airbnbs that were catering to everyone, I was going to try to be the most exciting, best option for bachelorette groups and just design a super cute and girly space,” she told Insider.
The townhome was an immediate success, so in January 2021, Aguirre and her husband expanded their business by purchasing the Femme House in Scottsdale, Arizona, which is also a popular bachelorette destination.
“We opted for buying something that needed a little bit of work,” Aguirre told Insider, as they wanted to be able to customize the house as much as possible. Aguirre served as the designer for the project, and she wanted the Scottsdale house to go with the aesthetic of the Nashville townhouse.
They had just over two months to get the house renovated, as they wanted it available for the spring and summer when people are frequently going on bachelorette trips. 
Aguirre shared before-and-after photos of the renovation with Insider to show the house’s transformation.
Source: Spindles Design Co.
Source: The Femme House
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