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Commercial Real Estate Email Blast Templates

Commercial Real Estate Email Blast Templates

This is a very popular topic, and a subject I get questioned on regularly.  “I want to eblast like the big brokerage does!  How do I make that work?”  The big brokerages have vast lists and an internal email blast system only available for their agents.

They’ve had years to build their email system and internal database.

We don’t have millions to spend on email systems, so let’s talk about some solutions available at a reasonable cost.


#1 LoopNet / CoStar CDX  – CoStar has a direct exchange that allows you to share your listings directly with other commercial real estate professionals that might be interested in your property. The templates look nice!  There’s no additional charge, this service comes with your LoopNet account.  It also gives you a full rundown on stats on open rates and how many clicks you received.  Note that you will need a LoopNet or Costar account.


#2 Data Axel Email Campaigns – Click on the “Get Email Lists” button a follow the steps.  The awesome thing about Data Axel is a real, live person will set up your email template to your specifications.  Choose commercial real estate agents or email directly to consumers, they provide you with an email list.  In my personal opinion, it can get a little pricey $99 – $2,000 (depends on how many people will be receiving emails).  However, if you’re looking to email directly to potential tenants, this is your best option.


#3 Big Boys BlastThey claim 120,000 emails. I’ve had the most success with Big Boys Blast when it comes to email blast services. My click-through rate is twice that of the other guys. This is why I consider them my top choice. It’s also shockingly cheap! You can reach investors nationwide for just over $100. Adding this to your listing marketing is also a good idea.


#4 Property Campaign.  They claim 300,000 emails. According to their website, they have 300k subscribers, but I’ve experienced an average click through rate of .01% for all campaigns I’ve run, which is well below industry averages. Pricing includes discounted monthly plans, so if you plan on sending a lot of emails, this may be the more cost-efficient option.


#5 Property Blast. They claim 90,000 emails. You can filter by state with this site, which is great for advertising leases. There is a wide price variation between $59 and $159, but it’s still a reasonable price.


#6 Property Send. They claim 120,00 emails. This is the only option that actually shows you your open rates. You’re usually left in the dark when it comes to that stat! (No one wants you to see how low their open rates are.) If you send a lot of emails, they have a discounted monthly plan.


#7 Building your own Email List – Let’s build our own opt-in list!

#1 Create a freebie your target market wants.  Offer a Freebie download such as, an eBook, checklist, cheat sheets, video, audio, webinar, or online course, in exchange for a prospect’s email address.

#2 Create a website landing page to advertise your freebie.

NOTE: You can ask people to contact you to receive the freebie, but to make this process scale, you’ll need a landing page

#3 Cold outreach should focus on downloading the free resource – with URL to your landing page.  You’ll increase your conversion rates on your cold outreach by 5X to 10X using a freebie.

#4 Paid ads can supercharge your freebie funnel.  When you have tested your funnel and you know it brings in deals, consider running paid ads.  It’ll supercharge your lead generation.


Giving you options to promote your listings cost effectively is just another way, I’m taking the “broke” out of commercial real estate brokerage.

If you want more help on promoting your listings like a pro, check out Listing Hero.  It has everything you need to turn your listings around fast and efficiently.


~ Brandy

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