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The artificial intelligence revolution is already transforming the lives of some working professionals who use it for work. AI is especially shaping the future of the real estate world, at a time when the traditional job market is getting shaken up.
When real estate agent Virginia Corbett enters a property for a listing appointment, she writes down key features of the home that stand out to her, along with possible buyers. She’ll use those details to write a description of the property.
“For this home, I’d be talking about the open floor plan, the beautiful stone gas fireplace, the renovated kitchen, the gleaming hardwood floors,” she said.
It’s a desirable place with in-demand features. Corbett especially notes the stunning views of the Hudson River and Newburgh-Beacon Bridge.
Corbett, an agent of six years, is a busy team leader who is constantly on the go. While selling is in her DNA, she says writing isn’t. It used to take her about an hour to write one property description. These days, she harnesses the power of ChatGPT to make it happen in seconds. And says it’s a valuable tool that’s changed her life.
“ChatGPT is taking a little bit of the administrative, the grind work off of my plate,” she said. “It’s helping us get to our property descriptions faster, it gives us the ability to create them in new and different ways, so that I have time, and so my staff has time to focus on the more important necessities of our jobs.”
Once back at her office, it’s time to plug in what she loves about the house into the computer. She often marvels at the results.
“That bridge is iconic!” she said, referring to the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge. “And it’s amazing that ChatGPT was able to pull that out!”
She opens up about what stands out to her in the AI-generated description.
“At the right length, in the right tone, at the right reading level,” Corbett said. “What this does, now this gives me something that I can take, I can cut out, I can put into a Word doc, and then add my own spin to it, make sure that everything is correct.”
She says it makes her a more efficient realtor who’s more focused on her clients.
“Wouldn’t my time be better served negotiating for my clients, meeting with people, coming up with strategies to how I can elevate the marketing of the properties that I’m selling?”
Corbett also uses ChatGPT to generate social media content. For example, the AI technology can create a table with the most popular questions a first-time homebuyer has asked Google. She can then prompt it to create a script for her if she were to make a viral video.
The AI revolution is shaking up a number of industries such as law, education and healthcare. Recent research says teachers are among the biggest users by having ChatGPT create lesson plans or quizzes, for example. However, ChatGPT’s accuracy is not guaranteed because its knowledge is limited. There are also ethical concerns with directly copying and pasting work and passing it off as your own.
Meanwhile, Corbett is thrilled with AI and has completely embraced it.
“ChatGPT is also never going to replace the real estate agent because you need a real human,” she said. “It’s a very human career; you need a human to negotiate with you, you need a human to show buyers properties.”


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