Listening In – Samuel Burr talks puzzles, chaotic writing practices, and finding your own author fellowship

Listening In is a series of author interviews, featuring authors whose works have been transformed into audiobooks! Samuel Burr is a TV producer of BAFTA-nominated acclaim, and The Fellowship of Puzzlemakers is his debut novel. This debut is described as “an extraordinary, gloriously uplifting novel about the power of friendship and the puzzling ties that…

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Historic 1900’s Brick Mansion In Macon, Georgia (PHOTOS)

Front Exterior listed with joanna jones of sheridan solomon & associates LOCATION: 619 College Street, Macon, Georgia SQUARE FOOTAGE: 13,862 BEDROOMS & BATHROOMS: 8 bedrooms & 10 bathrooms PRICE: $1,820,000 This historic brick home is located at 619 College Street in Macon, Georgia and is situated on 2/3 of an acre of land. It was built in…

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A Labour win & how to generate income through enterprise

Lucinda and Emily are joined by James Dunbar, chief executive of the poverty reduction charity New Start Highland.  James describes how the charity was able to move from being a predominantly grant-receiving organisation to generating three-quarters of its income through trading and contracts. He explains how he identified income-generating opportunities for New Start Highland, from…

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no longer there

  no longer there    it’s such a long journey to the other end of the sofa he’d have to put his book down and crawl out of his bunker of cushions climb over the TV and other defences he’d have to pull himself out of this car crash and swim to the surface  …

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Carl Shulman on government and society after AGI (Part 2)

Transcript Cold open [00:00:00] Carl Shulman: I think the pace of technological, industrial, and economic change is going to intensify enormously as AI becomes capable of automating the processes of further improving AI and developing other technologies. And that’s also the point where AI is getting powerful enough that, say, threats of AI takeover or…

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Why CD Investors Are in a Lose-Lose Situation Right Now

This post may contain affiliate links which may compensate us based on your interaction. Please read the disclosures for more information. CD investors can’t win right now because either inflation stays high or CD rates go down. Read on to learn how CD laddering can help. [[{“value”:” Image source: The Motley Fool/Upsplash Certificate of deposit (CD)…

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