Atlanta realtor fulfills dream of going to Masters after mail mix-up – FOX 5 Atlanta

Golf fan from Atlanta attending The Masters after accidentally receiving invitation.
It's a tale of two men both named Scott Stallings — one is a realtor from Atlanta and the other is a three-time PGA Tour winner.
For many years, realtor Scott, 60, has been trying to get tickets to the Masters Tournament in Augusta. It wasn't until he accidentally received a piece of mail meant for golfer Scott that his dream became true.
In January, realtor Scott received the invitation that was meant for golfer Scott, 37.
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So, realtor Scott sent the invite to the other Scott and in return, golfer Scott set him up with tickets to the Masters and also invited realtor Scott and his wife to dinner.
But that wasn't all. Golfer Scott surprised realtor Scott with the original invitation that he had since autographed and framed. 
Realtor Scott and his wife say they are enjoying their time at the Masters and watching the other Scott play. 
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